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When it comes to getting precisely the right gift, it all boils down to personality.

That's why we created Matchmaker, a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

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Time-poverty. It should never hamper your ability to find a great gift.

That's why we created Quick Pick, a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving


One stop. A few clicks. The Perfect gift.

We'll help you find that's just right-whether you're strapped for time. stuck for ideas. or simply want to see more options.

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We're going to make this really easy for you.

That's why we created The Matchmaker a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

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My Story

Since times immemorial across generations and around the world people know my cousin who comes every December from coldest parts of the earth to spread cheer & joy.

Inspired by him I was conceived, to add experience to your gifting, to help you spread the joy and happiness just like my cousin. With me you can experience being a Santa yourself as well as get others to be the Santa you have always loved.

I am India Santa, a Santa who brings you numerous personally curated experiences ranging from Adventures, Leisure activities,  Wellness & Holistic therapies,  Culinary delights, spending time indulging in your favorite hobby & many more…

While I have learnt a lot from the jolly man in red I have also taken a leap while gliding up and down the slopes of time. I help you spread joys everyday be it

                •  Annual events like Birthdays, Anniversary, Diwali, RakshaBandhan, Ugadi, Eid, My favourite X-mas OR

                •  A lifetime event like Marriage, Baby shower, Graduation day OR

                •  A casual a treat for a date, weekend break or a good job appreciation

                •  & many more……

I also help you tell your Santa the ideal gift you want as well as invite him through an e-card or a personalized website created just for him. Through my gift registry service you can chose your gift from any store worldwide, you could also select a unique and exclusive gift available in the offline store or you could just tell your Santa to give you  cash gift. I live to make you happy and create “memories for Life”.

I cut across time to help you serve the most memorable moments in time. I am India Santa - the curator of happy “memories for Life”.

To gift any of the cherished experiences I have click here

If you want me to bring in more experiences click here & drop me a note.

Welcome to & I will be around. Ciao!



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