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That's why we created The Matchmaker a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

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Registry Services

1. What is a Gift Registry?

A Gift Registry is a particular type of Wish List wherein you compile a list of all the products and experiences which you may desire and shares the list with your friends and relatives. A Gift Registry is usually linked to an occasion. There are many types of Gift Registries. To site a few – Baby shower, Wedding, Graduation Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, House warming and others which are of special significance to you.

2. How is a Gift Registry different from a Wish List?

A Gift Registry may be considered similar to a wish list but is different from the wish list as it is normally linked to an occasion. Also in the registry service you can send invitations to the Guest using our e-card invite as well as create your personalized mini website (coming soon) linked to the occasion or the event. You can create a wish list by compiling a list of items and experiences you wish to avail. You may share the wish list consisting of specific products and experiences with close family or friends Gift Registry, on the other hand, is communicated to a larger circle of known people and usually linked to an occasion like Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday, Graduation day, House Warming etc

3. Isn’t creating a Gift Registry similar to asking for gifts?

The tradition of gifting is deeply embedded in our Indian culture. Gifts are given on every occasion be it  special occasions like Wedding, House Warming, Birthdays or courtesy visits to someone’s place. People are increasingly moving to gifting items which will be liked by the recipient rather than just re-cycling the unwanted gifts received. Personalization is increasingly becoming more prominent as people look for something different and tailor made to their needs. Hence gifters are looking for more personalized and customized gifting options linked to the profile of the recipient.. Creating your own Gift Registry helps both the recipient and the gifter in selecting the perfect gift. It no longer remains a mere formality but actually helps in creating “memories for life”

4. Do I always need to have a registry to be able to receive a gift?

You will have to register if you wish to receive a gift from your wish list/ gift registry. However, your family or friends can gift you an experience or product from our wide range of gifting options available without the need for you to register. However, you will need to complete the booking process for availing the experience.

5. Is my personal information secure?

India Santa does not share, sell or disclose any personal identifiable information gathered online to Third party except as described in the Privacy Policy as required by law. India Santa may share personal identifiable information with companies that assist us in processing gifts, delivering gifts and preventing fraud including and not limited to credit card processing companies, shipping companies, credit bureaus, government agencies etc. These companies are not authorized to retain, share, store or use this information for any other purposes. We use secure socket layer encryption (SSL) to protect the security of your card information. Our endeavour is to protect the personally identifiable information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it.

6. Do the recipient and gifter both need to have an account (login) with India Santa?

You need an India Santa account only if you are creating a Wish List or Gift Registry. Other transactions can be done as a guest on India Santa website as well. Creating a login ensures that you will be able to keep a track of all your transactions and be eligible for our special offers from time to time apart from providing a quick check out facility which saves you time and effort.

7. What is a mini website?

Mini website (coming soon) option can be used to share your registry with your family and friends. This is a very simple and easy way to create your website with personalised messages as well as pictures. You could also select from our exhaustive design templates. You could also activate the scrap book option where in your guests can post comments, upload pictures and video’s and write their wishes on your timeline.

8. What is the scrap book?

Our scrap book option allows your family and friends to write personalised messages, share memorable incidences, upload pictures, write poems just for you adding to your “Memories for Life”.

9. What is Shop World Wide?

The entire world is now your market! With our Shop worldwide service you can add gifts to your registry from any online store in the world integrated with our websites.

10.  How does Shop Worldwide service work?

Our Shop worldwide option allows you to select gifts from any store across the world which is integrated with our site. You can add products and services to your wish list or gift registry in 3 simple steps

·  Log into your India Santa Account.

·  Install the “Add to India Santa” button to your Bookmarks Bar

·  Visit any website and find the item you like. Click on “Add to India Santa” button when you find the item you want to add to your registry.The selected merchandise will now reflect in your India Santa Registry.

Alternatively, you can first log in to your India Santa Account and then visit other stores for selecting the merchandise. Now clicking on the “Add to India Santa” button in your browser will add the merchandise to your registry.

11.  How do I install the “India Santa” button to my Registry?

All you need to do is drag the “Add to India Santa” button from the India Santa website to your Bookmarks Bar. Before you drag, make sure that the bookmark bar is appearing on browser or you can do it by clicking “tools” of your browser and turn on “Show bookmark. You can now add any merchandise from any worldwide online store by just clicking this button on the merchandise you like.

12.  How do I add items to my Registry from any website?

You can add items to your registry in 3 simple steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Visit any website and find the item you like. Click on “India Santa” button and the item will be added to your registry
  3. Selected merchandise will now reflect in your India Santa Registry.

Once you have successfully added merchandise to your registry you ready to invite your family and friends to view your registry.

13.  Does India Santa have tie-ups with all the stores and is responsible for the delivery? India Santa offers following options for you to purchase the merchandise:

  1.  Merchandise listed on India Santa website.  Merchandise is made available through our affiliate or associate partners. The delivery of the same will be done either by India Santa or our Partners. However, the responsibility for quality of goods and services is on our partner.
  2. “Shop World wide” – You can use our shop worldwide service and select or buy merchandise thru any online store across the world, which are integrated with India Santa site. Through our website, we only direct you to the stores which have the merchandise available. You will complete the purchase transaction including the payment at the store and not at India Santa. India Santa will not be responsible for delivery or quality of items.

14.  What are email reminders?

This is a free service which provides timely reminders for special occasions and events in your life. You can set email alerts for important occasions and we will ensure you do not miss the important dates in the life of your family and friends.

15.  Define Recipient , Guest and Host

Recipient: Recipient is the person who creates a gift registry and enlists products. They may also be called registrant and co-registrant. Recipient can also delegate certain tasks associated with the registry to a family or friend by giving them access to the registry.

Guest: A guest is a person who is invited to the event created by the recipient or a person authorised by the recipient. The guest can view the registry created by the recipient or the person authorised by the recipient.

Host: Host is a person who is creating the registry on behalf of the recipient and is different from the recipient.

16.  What are the benefits of a gift registry?

Benefits for the Recipient

·   Eliminate duplicate gifts and gifts which are not needed or liked.

·   Simple & convenient to create your registry and select merchandise

·   Select the merchandise from any store worldwide through our “Shop worldwide” service, India Santa Partners, Cash gifts (to be launched shortly) and also from the Brick and mortar stores.

·   Cash Gifts & Gift Cards as a gifting option available for future needs.

·   Shop Worldwide and not only thru the India Santa website.

·   Product & Services from off-line store can also be added to the registry.

·   Personalise your registry

·   Track gifts

·   Can invite donations towards an NGO which one supports

·   Create a mini website (coming soon), send invitations and thank you messages

·   Select from the ready to use templates to create a registry

·   Gifter can contribute towards higher priority gifts even if they do not want to pay in full ( to be launched shortly)

·   Expensive items are an option now as friends can contribute towards one item (To be launched soon)

·   Pay and pick a gift you want even if it has not received full contribution from others. (to be launched shortly)

Benefits for Guests or Gifter

·   Can access the registry anytime, anywhere

·   Can select the merchandise from India Santa Store or any other offline or online store

·   Can make donation for charitable cause through the gift registry

·   Hassle free, simple and less time consuming

·   No running around trying to pick the perfect gift

·   No duplication and wastage. No more passing the parcel

·   Overseas guests and others unable to attend the occasion can still contribute

·   Gift which will be cherished and will create “Memories for Life”

Benefits for the Host:

·  Select the merchandise desired by the recipient from any store worldwide through our “Shop worldwide” service, India Santa Partners, Cash gifts and also from the Brick and mortar.

·  Simple & convenient to create & announce registry and select merchandise

·  Elimination of duplicate gifts and gifts which are not needed or liked.

·  Shop Worldwide and not only thru the India Santa website.

·  Product & Services from off-line store can also be added to the registry.

·  Personalisation of the registry

·  Tracking of gifts and delivery of gifts directly to the recipients

·  Create a mini website (coming soon), send invitations to the guests.

·  Select from the ready to use templates to create a registry

17.  Can I create the registry for a friend or a family member?

As a Host you can create the Gift Registry for yourself or friend (Person for whom registry is created is the recipient).

18.  How do I create a registry for my friend or family?

It is very simple to create your registry. All you need to do is:

· Create a User Id and complete the registration process.

·  Create the Profile for the friend or family for whom you wish to create the registry.

·  Select merchandise from any store worldwide thru our “Shop Worldwide” option, offline or our India Santa retailers.

·  Invite friends to participate in the registry using our share registry option

19.  Why do I need to create my profile?

This is to enable you to get full access of your registry and India Santa website. It also helps you in quick check out as well as seeing your purchase history, your alerts etc apart from getting to know about our special deals and offers.

20.  How do I create my registry?

You can create your registry in three simple steps:

·  Select the type of Registry and fill in your relevant details

·  Add Items from off-line store or any worldwide store using our “Shop Worldwide” service or from India Santa Partners 

·  Invite family & friends by creating your own e-card from our ready to use templates or create a mini website (coming soon) and

21.  Do I need the addresses of the guests?

Nope, all you need is their email ids to invite them to view your registry. You could also send invites thru your contact list or thru your social network accounts like Facebook, Google etc.

22.  For what occasions can I create a gift registry?

This is appropriate for any happy gift giving occasion. It maybe a Wedding, Marriage Anniversary, Baby Shower, Diwali, Graduation Day, , Father’s Day, Birthday, Friendship Day, Christmas, Rakhi....the list is endless.

23.  What kind of items/experiences can I add on my Registry?

 Anything and Everything! The world is your market through our “Shop Worldwide” services.

24.  How do I customise my registry?

There are various options available for customising. You can upload pictures, wallpapers and videos. You can personalise invitations using our e-card services, Thank you notes and host of other services. You can also create your personalized mini website (coming soon) for your special occasion.

25.  Who can view my registry?

Your guests as well as anyone with whom you have shared your registry details like Registry number, mobile number etc. can view your registry

26.  How will my guests know about changes in my registry?

You can enable notifications in your registry to ensure that people are updated about your registry.

27.  How do I announce my Gift Registry?

You can send invitations to your guest list. Please go to My Registry>>Announce Registry. You will be able to send invitations to all your contacts on your email contact list or import your contacts from other social networking sites. Alternately you can input your guests email ids manually. Please be aware that certain email accountholders may receive notifications in their junk or spam folder based on the settings at their end.

28.  How do I ensure that my invitations do not go to Junk or Spam folder?

Delivery of the email depends on the settings of the user and the ISP. The only way to control this is to ensure that the guest has added your email id to the safe list. You could also use our mobile messaging services to send invitation intimation to your guests.

29.  How long does it take for the registry to get updated after any change is made by me?

It takes just a few seconds for updating. However for any purchases, it takes a little longer.

30.  How will I get to know if I have received any gift from my family / friends?

Your friends will be flagging off the item/experience from the gift registry which will indicate to you that the item/experience has been picked up. Also, you could register for our alert service to receive intimation each time an update to your registry happens.

31.  How do I edit my registry?

You may edit your registry by following a simple process. You need to log-in to“My Registry” and go to Manage registry>>Edit Registry.

32.  How do I edit/remove an item from my registry?

You can remove or edit items from your registry by following a simple process. You need to log-in to “My Registry” and go to Manage registry>>Manage Gifts. Against each item go to “edit item” and make the change and save it.

33.  Can I customise my registry?

Yes, your registry is totally customisable and you can personalise it to suit your event. We also provide you with a few sample registries. Your registry is a great place to greet your friends, tell your story, share your special moments, invite friends and keep everyone informed about the plans for your event.

34.  Can I send an e-card as invitation to be guest? What are the charges?

Yes you can send invitations to your guests using our e-card option. You can also create a mini website (coming soon) for your occasion including upload of pictures and video links. Your guests can write comments either in a dedicated section of your personalised website or can create a scrap book for you. This will truly add more memories to your occasion and hence create “Memories for Life”.

35.  Is Invitation service chargeable?

We have lot of options to select from. There are both free as well as chargeable options. The price would be displayed once you opt to use this service of e-card.

36.  How do I go to the e-card option? :

Once you are in “My Registry” then you can go to Announce Registry >> Send E-cards.

37.  Do people necessarily have to pick up the gift from the India Santa website?

No, it is not necessary. They also have the option of purchasing the item from some other websites or in the offline mode.  All they need to do is flag off the item/experience from the registry to avoid duplication of gifts for the recipient.

38.  Can I make changes in my Personal information or add/delete my partner after making my registry?

Yes you can. All you need to log-in to your account and go to Manage Registry>>Edit Registry, make the changes and save. It’s as simple as that.

39.  How can I change the password to my personal information in my Registry?

Your personal settings can be accessed only through your “Login id and password”. Please do not share it with anyone to maintain privacy of your personal information.

40.  Can I edit my shipping address in my registry?

It’s very important that the shipping address is correct. You need to log-in to your account and go to “Manage Registry>>Edit Registry tab. Please make the changes and save. The address change will be effected only for the items which are picked up post the address change is affected.

41.  Can I send my friends “Thank you notes” from the website?

Every time a gift is picked for you, we send an email to you with all the details. The details can also be viewed by you once you log in to your account. You may send personalised Thank you notes/messages by going to “Manage Registry>>Manage Visitors”. There is an option for sending Thank you note. You can also send a Thank You note from the link in the intimation email.

42.  Can I make changes to my registry after sending invitations to my guests to view my registry?

Yes, you can. Every time you make any change in your registry, you can inform your friends about it.

43.  How do I add an offline gift?

There is an option of adding offline gifts. Offline gifts could be an item or experience available in the brick and mortar world only or made to order. To cite an example, a handicraft available in a remote place.  All you need to do is click on “Add gifts” You can then capture the details of the gift and store where it is available for your guests to see.

44.  What are the kind of gifts I can ask for?

There are various options available to you:

Experiences as gifts: Different categories could be Adventure, Sports, Leisure, Indulgence, Leisure, Culinary, Charity. These would include activities like  Hot air balloon ride, camping, golf lessons, cooking lessons, scuba diving, star gazing, romantic dinner etc

 Gifts on India Santa website

· Shop Worldwide

· Gifts available in offline stores

45.  In case the experience/merchandise I have listed in my registry is discontinued or unavailable, what do I do?

In case the experience / gift is discontinued, you may want to check the availability on any other store worldwide using our Shop Worldwide option. In case, of experiences made available thru India Santa, you could also set alerts and we will inform you when similar experiences are available next time.

46.  I have recd. a mail from you saying that an item/experience from my Registry has been purchased for me. How will I know who has gifted me?

You will receive an email from us as soon as someone provides you a gift. You will be able to view all the transaction details. Alternatively you can login to your account.  However in case the gifter does not want us to divulge his identity, we will not be able to inform you as to who has given this gift to you.

47.  How much does it cost to use the Gift Registry feature of India Santa? 

You can create your registry free of cost at India Santa. We have host of features which are complimentary for our members. Service charges, where ever applicable, are clearly highlighted for you.

48.  Can I change my gift list after sending the invitation to my guests to view my Registry? As long as the gift has not been purchased for you by any of your guests, you can change your registry gifts.

49.  What will my Registry look like?

Your registry is totally customisable and you can personalise it to suit your event. You can also view our sample registries.

50.  Will I need to bear the delivery/handling costs of gifts or will you be charging from the gifter?

Delivery charges, if any, will be borne by the gifter.

51.  I am an invitee to my friend’s gift registry. Do I need to create a log-in Id or can I view and contribute to the registry as a guest?

You can contribute as a guest even without logging in. You will be able to block the item for your friend thru a mobile or email based authentication. In case you are making the purchase from India Santa then you will need to login.

52.  Do I need to ship/courier the gift I bought?

Delivery of gifts will be done for you either by the vendor from whom you have purchased the gift or by India Santa. 

53.  In case I purchase the gift from some other store online, will I need to provide the registrant’s address?

Yes, you may provide the vendor with the delivery address. It may also be taken from the registrant’s registry. Once you have bought the gift from any other store please remember to update this in your friend’s registry to avoid duplication.

54.  How do I find my friend’s registry?

On the home page of India Santa, there is an option of Finding Registry. Please put in the Registrant’s First Name, Last Name, city and State. You will be able to find the registry. Alternately, you may find the registry by Registrant’s mobile number or Registry number. Also the registrant will be sending you the link to his/her registry by email. Clicking on this link will take you to the registry.

55.  How do I get started on my friend’s registry?

·   Well, firstly you will need to find your friend’s registry!

·   View the items/ experiences

·   Please select the items/experiences you would like to gift

·   In case the gift selected is from Shop “Worldwide” option, you will be directed to the store from where the gift is selected.

·   Mark the gift as “Purchased”. This will ensure that no other guest selects the same gift.

·   In case of physical gifts or gifts purchased from other websites, it is important that you enter your name, contact details and email id correctly so that the gift status is updated in your friend’s Registry.

56.  How do I find my friend’s registry?

                                  There are two options.

·  With the invitation the host / Registrant would be sending a link to his/her or the recipient’s registry. Please click on the link. It will take you to the “View Registry”.

·  You can also go to Home Page>>Find Registry>>View Registry. In Find Registry, please enter the First Name, Last Name and city of Registry.  Alternately, you may find the registry by Registrant’s mobile number or Registry           number.

57.  How long does my gift registry remain active?

Normally Gift Registry is created with an occasion in mind. The Gift Registry will be valid for the period entered by the Registrant.

58.  How long does the Wish List remain active?

Wish list has no expiry date. It will always be active till the time your account is active. You can also move all or some of your wish list merchandise to your gift registry.

59.  Do I need to create a registry to be able to receive a gift?

At India Santa you have multiple options for receiving gifts. They are :

·  Gift Registry Service: You can receive the gifts only once you have created your registry and also announced it to your guests.

·  Wish List: You can receive the gifts only once you have created your wish list. You can also share your wish list with your family and friends.

·  Select Perfect Gift: Your family and friends can also gift you experiences or merchandise without you having to register or create an account. If you receive an experience gift under this option then you can redeem the experience by visiting our Book Experience section on our website.

60.  Can I gift my friend an experience/gift on India Santa without logging in?

To purchase or gift an experience or any other merchandise from the website you can either create your log-in or use our services as a guest. Creating an account just takes a few minutes and provides facilities like quick checkout, registration of alerts, order history etc.

61.  Will cheques be accepted?

Sorry, we do not accept cheques as mode of payment. You can make a payment using your Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking


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