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When it comes to getting precisely the right gift, it all boils down to personality.

That's why we created Matchmaker, a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

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Time-poverty. It should never hamper your ability to find a great gift.

That's why we created Quick Pick, a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

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We're going to make this really easy for you.

That's why we created The Matchmaker a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

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  1. What is India Santa?

India Santa is an online gift store which specializes in adding experience to gifting. We provide experiential gifting options as well as gift registry services. Our innovative ideas with a personal touch based on the profile & need of the recipient helps in creating “Memories for Life”.

  1. Who are we?

We are a small team of professionals whose aim is to make gifting an experience. We are committed to make the recipient and the gifter get the best gifting experience, where gifting is no longer an obligation but a means of creating “Memories for life”.

  1. How do I get to know you better?   

Please visit our website and read about us on “My Story”. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Please subscribe to our newsletter for latest news and updates on us.

  1. What are the services which you offer?

We have a banquet of services for you to choose from depending upon your requirement:

·   Experiential Gifting: Gifting of unique experiences to family and friends across different categories like Adventure, Sports, Leisure, Indulgence, Leisure, Culinary, Charity and Unique Products.

·   Wish List: You can select any merchandise from our store or any other store worldwide thru our “Shop Worldwide” services and tag them to your wish list. Once you have created the wish list you could share them with family & friends as well as subscribe for alerts at the time of your choice.

·  Gift Registry: You can use our Gift Registry services to create your personalised gift registry linked to special occasions. You could also select from our ready to use templates and get started. You can select any merchandise from any store worldwide by using our “Shop Worldwide” services. You can also use our services like create website, scrap book etc. to send invitations to your near and dear ones for your occasions. There are host of other services like alerts, thank you messages etc. which are available so that you leave the mundane work to us while you enjoy the occasion and build “Memories for Life”

·  Shopping: We offer a lot of exclusive products across multiple categories. We keep replenishing our stocks regularly. 

·  Personalised Gifting Solutions: You can choose from dozens of designs, cards, mini websites, and custom content. We are always looking for new ideas and so in case there is something or some service you want, please share it with us at


  1. Why should I register with India Santa?

Our objective is to make gifting an Experience – Both for the Gifter and the Recipient. We are committed to creating many a wonderful “Memories for life” for you by providing world class experience of gifting and gift registry services. Our aim is to help :

· Users to find the perfect gifts  for family and friends

·  Recipient express their wishes better to gifters

·   Keep track of  gifter and recipients gifting history

·   Avoid duplication of gifts

·   Remind members of gifting occasions

  1. How do I prevent India Santa emails and notifications from going to my spam / junk folder?

This may be due to personal settings of your account. Please add us to your trusted list of contacts so that the mails from us do not go to junk/spam.

  1. I do not want to receive notifications / mailers from India Santa.          

We do not send spam mails as we appreciate your time. Still if you do not wish to receive promotional emails from us you could unsubscribe to our emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link in our emails. Alternatively you could also go to               My Account>Subscriptions to unsubscribe to our promotional emails. However, you will continue to receive order confirmations, order tracking, delivery confirmations and other service related messages.  

  1. Will unsubscribing to emails also prevent me from receiving important service alerts?

We do not send spam mails as we appreciate your time. However, still if you were to unsubscribe to our emails, you will continue to receive order confirmations, order tracking, delivery confirmations and other service related messages. 

  1. I want to subscribe to your offers / promotions. How do I do that?

Once you have created your account with us, we will send you a confirmation mail. You will receive our offers and promotions if you verify. You can also subscribe to our offers and promotions by clicking on ‘Subscribe’ on visiting My Account>Subscription. Alternately you can subscribe by entering your email id and clicking on the “Subscribe” button on the Home Page. However, we do not send spam mails to our customers as we appreciate their time and convenience.

  1. In case I forget the password of my account, how do I log in?

Click on the “Change password” button in the ‘My account’ section. We will send you an email link to your registered email address. You could click on that link and reset your password.

  1. How do I avail the experience gifted to me or which I have bought from India Santa?

We offer wide array of experience across different categories like Adventure, Sports, Leisure, Indulgence, Leisure, Culinary, Charity and Unique Products. You can avail the selected experience by sending the booking request online on or calling our concierge service at 9821449000 between 10 AM and 6 PM from Monday to Saturday.

  1. I have a question which is not answered here.

We will be happy to hear from you. Please call us at 9821449000 or email us at        

  1. How to create an account?  

It is very simple to create your India Santa account. You can go to ‘Sign Up’ and enter some basic details. Alternately, you could create your account using your Facebook or Google plus account.

  1. Do you maintain an order history?

Order history is maintained for our registered users. You can view your order history in “My Account” section.

  1. How do I update my contacts in address book?

It is very simple to update your address and contact details. Just sign in and go to “My account” and proceed to ‘Address Book’ and update the address information.

  1. When will you be sending me notifications and emails?

Notifications will be sent:

  1. Confirmation of order

  2. Shipping of merchandise

  3. Delivery of  merchandise, gift voucher, gift box

  4. Introduction of new gifts

  5. If you have opted to subscribe to Promotions / Offers / New Packages

  6. Alerts / Reminders set by you in your wish list or gift registry services or other related aspects

Corporate Inquiries

1.      What are the services you offer for your corporate clients?

We offer a range of experiences and merchandise which can be used as wonderful corporate gifting options on special occasions for key clients and stakeholders. Our gift items can also be used for stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, channel partners etc) engagement and promotional programs. Some of the options are :

a.       India Santa Experience Box: You can select from our wide range of experience boxes. We could also curate a customized Experience box for your stakeholders based on your requirements. These boxes can also be co-branded with your corporate logo and message.

b.      India Santa Merchandise: You could select from our wide range of corporate gifting options based on your needs.

c.       India Santa Gift Vouchers: Our India Santa Gift Voucher option allows your stakeholder the choice to select from any of our exclusive merchandise and saves you to hassle of finding a unique gift for all your stakeholders. We provide you with a detailed MIS which gives you insight as to what different stakeholders have liked. This can be used to build engagement with your stakeholders.  These are ideal for rewards in your employee and channel contests.

2.      How do I buy the India Santa Gift Voucher or the India Santa Experience box?

You could use either of the two options for buying the vouchers:

a.       Buy Online: You could create a corporate account and proceed to buy the India Santa Vouchers.

b.      Customised Offerings: To create customised vouchers for your stakeholders leave your contact details and our corporate client servicing team will reach out to you.

3.      How does the India Santa Experience Box work?

We can co-brand our experience gift box based on the needs for our corporate clients. These customised boxes will be delivered to your office or directly to your customers as per the requirement of our corporate clients. For redemption the customer has to follow the following process:

  1. Select the “Redeem Voucher” option on our website and enter the unique voucher code of your India Santa Experience Box.

  2. Select form the range of experiences available thru your Experience Box.

  3. Book the experience either thru our website or by calling us at 9821449000.

  4. Customer will receive the confirmation from us of the booking.

  5. Customer can enjoy the experience at the appointed date and time on furnishing the relevant voucher

4.      Will we get any MIS on the redemption by customers?

We add experience to gifts and not only provide you with the redemption MIS but also provide complete analysis of which customer liked which experience. This can be used by your relationship team for enhancing engagement with your clients.

5.      We thought you were an online gift store. However this looks like an offline model.

We are an online experiential gifting and gift registry. However we do cater to the offline market as well. Once the person has picked an experience of his/her choice, he/she can then book an appointment for the relevant experience either on or by calling us at 9821449000 on weekdays between 10 AM to 6 PM.

6.      Can you customise vouchers with my company logo on them?

We will be able to customize the experience box with not only with your corporate logo but also special messages for your customers in case of bulk orders.

7.       What if we want different activities/experiences than the ones which you are offering? 

We are committed to adding experience to gifting. We specialise in customising and personalising gifts based on the requirements of the gifter and the recipients. We can curate Experience Box based on the needs of our corporate clients both in terms of the experiences you want as well as the budget you have.

Feedback Related

1.      I am slightly dissatisfied by the service I received. Where can I leave my feedback? Will I get to hear from somebody regarding this?

Extremely sorry to hear this. Please write to us at or call us at 9821449000 to tell us your story. In case you want us to call you, please drop a mail with your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

2.      How long will India Santa take to resolve an issue?

We try our best that our client’s don’t face any problems. However if there is an issue which is referred to us, we will definitely get back to you within 24 hours and resolve them at the earliest.

3.      Do you guarantee a good experience?

We try our best that you enjoy your experience with us. However this is subjective and based on the preferences of the individuals. However, we will be keen to receive your feedback. Please write to us at or call us at 9821449000 to tell us your story. In case you want India Santa to call you, please drop a mail with your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

4.      Why should we book through you and not go directly to the Experience provider?

·         All our experiences are curated by our experts through detailed research on customer requirement as well as partner evaluation.

·         We offer a variety of experiences and merchandise options under one umbrella. This allows you wider selection options as compared to going through a specific merchant.

·         We will be responsible for the delivery of the service to you. In case you are dissatisfied with the experience and have not been able to resolve it with the service provider, we will intervene and try to sort out the matter. However this requires that you pick up the service from us and communicate through India Santa.

·         We can customise the packages and experiences based on your needs and this may not be available otherwise.

·         We provide other value added services like personalization of vouchers, concierge service, Gift wrapping options, physical delivery amongst several other things.

·         We have adopted the most secure online payment systems to ensure that your financial transactions are secure and no one has access to your personal information.



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