The Matchmaker

When it comes to getting precisely the right gift, it all boils down to personality.

That's why we created Matchmaker, a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

Quick Pick

Time-poverty. It should never hamper your ability to find a great gift.

That's why we created Quick Pick, a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving


One stop. A few clicks. The Perfect gift.

We'll help you find that's just right-whether you're strapped for time. stuck for ideas. or simply want to see more options.

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We're going to make this really easy for you.

That's why we created The Matchmaker a nifty little tool that takes you from no gift to great gift in three short steps.

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Gift Registry Service

The idea of gift lists or registries was introduced to prevent duplication of the same gift. The Registry creators compile their list of required items and then make that list available to their invitees. This usually includes all guests, friends and family and saves guests wasting money and time by giving a gift which is either unsuitable or a duplication.  Having a Gift List saves you the embarrassment of having to exchange or return unwanted gifts.

Whether you're planning a wedding, a shower, birthday bash, graduation day or any other major party for a major event you can create your registry, send invitation to your guests and many more…..

You can sign up with an email address, and then build a visual list of items for a wedding, a graduation, a shower, or any other event that needs a registry—even simpler events like birthdays. You can add items from retailers all over the web, or even offline retailers by filling out a little information about the item you're looking for. Then you can announce your registry to your guests, and let me handle the rest—your family and friends will be able to reserve & buy items. What’s more items reserved by one will not be available for the others. Hence there is no duplication. After the gifts have been received, you could also send Thank You messages to your guests.

You can compile a gift list comprising of a mixture of products or experiences or even charity contributions or just plain simple cash. 

It is up to you to define what will really make the perfect gift.

Most guests find it much easier to purchase items from a list than trying to guess what you may want or like


Gifting is about creating “Memories for Life”

So go ahead & create your registry now. Just in case you need any assistance please feel free to drop me a message at


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