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Experience Gifting

  1. What is Experience Gifting?

Also known as Experiential Gifting, it is about gifting memorable experiences to friends, family or others. At India Santa we specialise in providing various experiential gifting options. Experiences can be categorised into Adventure, Indulgence, Leisure, Luxury, Sports, Culinary, Charity and Hobby classes, Our endeavour is to create wonderful “Memories for Life”.  

  1. Why Experience gifting?

Our research shows people are increasingly moving away from giving items as gifts and moving towards giving special and unique experiences. These are more valued by the recipient as the experience remains with the recipient as a lifetime memory and our aim is to provide just that – “Memories for Life”!

  1. What are the different categories of experiences/activities?

India Santa specialises in unique and varied experiences. Our experiences are spread across different categories like Adventure, Indulgence, Leisure, Luxury, Sports, Culinary, Charity and Hobby classes We constantly keep adding to our range of experiences.


  1. How will my friend know that I have sent him an experience voucher?

Your friend will receive an e-voucher from India Santa on the email id provided by you. Alternatively, we could send the e-voucher to you and you can send to your friend. You could also request a physical voucher to be sent to your friend or you at an extra cost.

  1. How will I find the experience I am looking for?

We understand that selecting the gift at times can be a very tedious task. We are committed to making gifting an experience both for the gifter and the receiver. We have our unique Gift Selector on our home page. It gives you different options for selecting that perfect gift for your loved ones. Moreover, you can always reach us at 9821449000 from 10 AM to 6 PM on any weekday or email us at for any help you may require.

  1. In case you don’t have the experience I am looking for, will you try getting it for me?

 Certainly, we will try our best to enable you to get the experience. Please write to us at or call us at 9821449000             

  1. Why should we gift an experience through you and not directly?

Our aim is to provide a complete holistic experience from the start to the finish.  We have handpicked these experiences after a lot of research. We would like to personalise/ customise the experience for you. Hence many of the packages have been specially designed keeping your needs in mind. In case you need any assistance besides what is being offered to you on the site, please feel free to get in touch with us. We offer a range of varied experiences and activities and will take over all the hassles of gifting from you. We add experience to your gifting.

  1. What would be the validity of the experience voucher?

The validity of an experience voucher is dependent on the experience you wish to gift or enjoy. Validity period is displayed on the site while you select the experience and is also mentioned on the redemption voucher sent to the recipient.

  1. Will I need to register myself in order to buy a gift / experience voucher?

No, it is not compulsory. However a host of services like quicker check-out, would be available if you register. However, in case of return of goods there will be registration required.

  1. In case the recipient wants a different experience to the one I have gifted her/him. Can he/she change it to another experience of same value?

Not sure, if you know the best experiences to be gifted. Select from our special India Santa Experience voucher, which allows the recipient to redeem the gift voucher for any of the varied experiences that we offer. You may also select the specially curated Experience Box which gives multiple experience options to the recipient.

  1. What are the different options for gifting an experience?

We specialise in making gifting an experience and offer three different options for experience gifting across different categories. Based on the need and profile of the recipient you could select from any of following options:

  1. India Santa Experience Voucher: You can select a specific experience from across the different categories of experience which we offer. Based on your selection we will send an India Santa Experience Voucher via email to your friend with a personalised message. You could also send the voucher in the physical form in a gift box with a personalised message at a nominal cost.


  1. India Santa Gift Voucher: You could also gift a India Santa Gift Voucher with a personalized message to your loved ones. You can select an electronic gift voucher from the different denominations which we have.


  1. India Santa Experience Box: You could also gift a specially curated India Santa Experience Box, which contains numerous experience options for your loved ones. For your convenience our experience boxes are available in different denominations.
  1.  I have received an India Santa Experience voucher. How do I redeem it?

Our voucher redemption process is simple and depends on the type of voucher you have.

India Santa Experience Voucher:

• Select the “Book Experience” option on our website and enter the unique voucher code.

• Check the details and place your request for booking of the experience.

• You will receive the confirmation from us of the booking.

• Go and enjoy the experience on the appointed day. Please handover the booking confirmation at the venue.


You could also call us at 9821449000 to book your experience. Please remember to ask for our personalization offers which add memories to your experience.

India Santa Gift Voucher:

• Select the item/experience

• At the checkout stage in the payment section please enter the Voucher code and make the balance payment by any of the accepted payment methods.

• Click in the necessary details like email, address etc.

• You will receive a confirmation email and message from India Santa


India Santa Experience Box:

• Select the “Redeem Voucher” option on our website and enter the unique voucher code of your India Santa Experience Box.

• Select form the range of experiences available thru your Experience Box.

• Book the experience either thru our website or by calling us at 9821449000. You will receive the confirmation from us of the booking.

• Enjoy the experience at the appointed date and time on furnishing the relevant voucher

• Please remember to ask for our personalization offers which add memories to your experience.

  1. Will I lose out if my experience gets cancelled / postponed and what is the last day of the validity period? 

We offer a wide variety of experiences and some of these are subject to conditions outside your and our control. The cancellation terms vary across different experiences and are mentioned on our website. Normally once booked the experience can’t be cancelled though in some cases limited re-scheduling is possible. The validity period of the voucher is also mentioned on the voucher.

  1. Will I be able to enjoy the experience if I cancel my booking at the nth moment?

It is dependent on when you cancel the appointment and the kind of experience. In case you are unable to make it for an experience which has specially been booked for you and which involves a lot of organising like say hot air balloon, Scuba diving etc we may not be able to refund your booking amount.  However, for some activities, re-scheduling will be possible. Please read our partner’s terms and conditions carefully to avoid disappointment later.

  1. What is the Experience Box?

It is a box of 4 or more different vouchers of varied experiences of the same denomination. You can gift one such box to each person and each person would be able to pick an experience of their choice.

  1. How many experiences/activities may I choose from an Experience Box?

Each Experience box has one unique code across all the different experiences in the box. You can utilise the code against any one activity in the box. However in case you would like more than one experience, we can give you more such boxes.

  1. In case I am unhappy with my experience, will you refund me the money?

We handpick the best of experiences for you from the best of people in the Industry. Hence, we assure you that you will enjoy your experience / activity. However in case you don’t enjoy the experience/activity, we request you to provide us the details of the experience citing the reasons why you think it is not up to the mark and we will share it with our affiliate or associate partner.

  1. Will I still be able to utilise the voucher after the validity expires?

No. Each experience has a validity period and the experience is to be enjoyed within the validity period.

  1. Can you customise some packages/experiences for us?

Please share the details with us and we would definitely try to customise an experience to your liking.

  1. What is an India Santa Gift voucher?

This is an umbrella gift voucher which can be redeemed against all merchandise and experiences at India Santa website. These are available in denominations of Rs. 250,  500, 1000 & 5000. One can also combine the Gift Vouchers of different denominations as gifts.

  1. In case I have India Santa vouchers worth Rs.1250 and experience which I want is Rs. 1500, what do I do?

After selection of the experience, you will be taken to the payment section. Enter the voucher code and make the balance payment by net banking, credit card or debit card.

  1. Can I customise my Gift Voucher?

Your wish our command. You can personalise the Gift Voucher by adding a small personalised message on the Gift Voucher.

  1. Will you charge for delivery of voucher?

All our e-delivery options are delivered complimentary from our side. In case you require a physical voucher to be delivered to you or the recipient we can do so at a nominal delivery cost. You could also select from our different wrapping and gifting options to add more colour to your voucher.

  1. What is the difference between e-voucher and voucher?

A voucher sent online is an e-voucher. It serves the same purpose as voucher. An e-voucher is complementary with any purchase on India Santa.


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