For a day as special as Rakhi, and a bond as unique as the one that I share with all my brothers, I spend hours trudging through malls, passing the same stores, in search of the perfect gift for them. Rakhi gifting every year for me, I must admit, is an ordeal of the most monotonous kind; an act that leaves me in a tizzy. And despite my determined efforts of coming up with better gift ideas the next time around, I find myself entering the same stores the next year too and returning home with shirts, ties and perfumes all over again.The gifts are wrapped and ready, but the whole experience of buying presents for an occasion so close to my heart has been bland.What didn’t make me smile is definitely not going to make them smile either. After all, for my four brothers, two of them cousins, who I already know have their wardrobes brimming with clothes and other embellishments, isn’t the entire exercise of picking up one more to add to the collection, a vain and tasteless one?

Rakhi has always held a certain significance for me, because it is that one day of the year when we all make it a point to be together, despite our busy schedules and living in different parts of the country. Thus, I am thoroughly let down when buying suitable gifts for that day becomes so challenging and time-consuming.

We all find ourselves in a similar situation, don’t we?  This is what my Rakhi gift-list looks like every year. What does yours look like?


“No, I can’t do this anymore! My gifts have to be special and memorable. They must reflect something about me, something about the brothers I am giving them to, and something about the relationship that I share with each one of them.”  As I sit thinking, I suddenly find myself squealing in delight…”Oh my God! Yes!” as the ‘aha’ moment flashes!

Brother#1: Dentist. Constantly plagued with a back ache owing to his profession that requires him to be arching and straining his back all the time. How about a relaxing spa treatment to relieve him of his pain? Since he is the only one  who is married, I make it a point to carry a token for his wife too. A set of beautiful planters for her green fingers, I envision, is sure to catch her fancy!

Brother#2: Major in the Army. Stationed in Pune. Music-lover and adventure-freak. A Beatles Tribute Lamp for his room and a Cycling Tour to feed his adventure-seeking soul. He has been my best buddy for years, and I can already visualize the expression on his face!

Brother#3: Chef at a hotel in Bangalore and a big foodie. It was his Biryani that made him a favourite with the judges and got him where he is now; and oh my, I couldn’t have found a better indulgence for him than this Frazer Town Biryani walk right inside the town that he works in!

Brother#4: Runs a real estate business. Loves to shop, but a bit fussy and finicky. I figured the best bet for him would be a gift voucher of one of the stores he frequents, so he can choose what he likes.

Everything’s going to be the way it is every year…the sacred thread of love, my silver thali, my love for my brothers…yet, the one thing that I am convinced about this year is the sparkling eyes that I am going to see when the gifts and vouchers are unwrapped. Can’t contain my excitement any longer. Waiting to capture their expressions and reactions in my heart, and on my lens too! But before that, what I intend to do is to make four phone calls and ask each one of them if I get to choose my own Rakhi gift this time. Cooking lessons on my mind!!! Of course I’m certain they’ll oblige…they are going to be the first beneficiaries after all, as I start whipping up a storm in the kitchen!

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