The aim of the Kebab food walk is to give you an out of the world gastronomical experience through the back alleys of South Mumbai for the best Kebabs ever to be devoured. This will be an experience of a lifetime! In all probability, you wouldn’t even know about the existence of these places in Mumbai.

The places we visit are a must visit! We’ll be indulging in some mouth watering Galouti Kebabs, Chicken Rolls, Seekh Kebabs (Beef), Sweets, and of course, Main Course. Most of the places we visit are within a walking distance of each other.

If post-dinner, you’re up for some more sweets, then how about we visit the ‘World Famous in Mumbai’ hand churned natural Ice-cream? And then maybe later we can guzzle some chilled beers or drinks to digest all the Kebabs and what not?

This experience is mainly for Non-Vegetarian Kebab Lovers who want to explore the most palatable Kebabs in town.

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