For decades, people have been searching for alternative procedures of healing. They have been to east Europe nations such as Turkey, Syria, Jordan to know how the Dr Fish therapy at the warm jump spas holiday resorts work.

Fish spa therapy is becoming more and more popular lately. Today, fish spa treatments can also be found in few countries of Asia such as Japan, Korea, China, Singapore , Malaysia and India, mostly using Dr Fish species which are successfully propagated in Asia.  Garra Rufa is one of the finest breeds of Dr Fish species.

During a treatment customers place their feet in tanks of warm freshwater containing dozens of toothless Garra Rufa fish.They suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin. They are also known as doctor or nibble fish.  The end result is said to leave your feet feeling refreshed and healthy.

Health benefits

  • Natural exfoliation of dead skin – Smoother and complete blazing skin with very simple moisturizer absorption
  • Promote body-fluid circulation – Micro massage sensation from these ‘little masseurs’
  • stimulate acupuncture points, helping to regulate the nervous system
  • Lightening of secondary scars
  • Alleviating of psoriasis and minor eczema
  • Reduce foot odour
  • Release stress, tension and fatigue

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