It’s time to start planning for bringing the smiles on the face of the Women in your life…. Mom, Sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter, friend or colleague…

India Santa is here to help you gift that unique present and create memories for life.

Our Top 5 tips for gifting this Women’s day

  1. Know the lady: There is nothing which makes a woman happier than knowing that you pay attention to her and the types of things they are into. Think about her hobbies, interest, personality – Is she sporty or girly? Does she love to cook or does she love to travel? Does she read romantic books or she is she a fitness freak? No matter what you end up with, she will appreciate the fact that you tried to find something just for her.


  1. Keep your eyes & ears open: Keep listening to your lady when she talks and make mental notes. Be on the lookout for clue which she gives regarding anything she’s been eyeing. Especially take note when she is out shopping. She’s bound to mention something she really wants. If you are lucky some may even drop subtle hints, so pay attention!


  1. Keep the relationship in mind: Be sure to keep the seriousness of the relationship in mind while planning what to buy. We experience gifts for early relationships…. Do something together like cooking class or a SPA session for couple or may be dinner on cruise or a sunset cruise. Been together for a while? Splurge on contemporary jewellery or some romantic dinner date or just to sailing on this special day.


  1. Personalization counts: Today almost all gifts can be engraved, embroidered and customized to truly make the lady feel special. Try to find something that you can put your or her initials on, use a photo of the two of you or just write a special message along with her portrait. Remember personalization takes time so order in advance.


  1. Add the WOW factor: Add in special touches to your gift to make it more memorable. Spend some extra time wrapping the gift. If it’s a necklace wrap in a big box so that she is not able to guess the gift and is surprised when she sees the neckpiece. Add the ambience of a romantic place, some wine, favourite restaurant while giving the gift or send her on a scavenger hunt to find her gift. Never forget to write that personalized message that will bring the smile on her face and create memories for life.


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