It’s raining outside, and a forecast for more rain has stirred up alluring images of you snuggling into your bed with your hot cuppa, relaxing and wanting to be pampered. If simply putting your feet up and being pampered is what’s on your mind today, you need no more reasons to be driven to a spa and let yourself  be spoilt rotten! But if you think that’s not enough, here’s why you should drop everything and head to the spa right now!

  1.  Indulge in some self-love; if you won’t, who will?

You already figured the first one for yourself when the thought of relaxing crossed your mind.There’s no better gift you can give yourself than self-love, and what better way to do that than by taking some time off for yourself? Go, indulge in some invaluable me-time, because you deserve it!

  1. Take a short-break, because a long one has to wait for now

Long working hours, frequent travel, a never-ending to-do list have all got you fatigued, physically and mentally. You have been longing to go on a vacation but can’t because of the demands at work. Here’s the perfect chance to relieve some of your stress and rejuvenate your mind. Take a relaxing short break from your busy routine, soothe your nerves and wash your worries away! Massage is an instant stress-buster because it raises the levels of the mood-enhancing chemical ‘serotonin’ as well as ‘dopamine’ which is a key factor in driving motivation, productivity and focus.

  1. Detox your system

What most of us know is that a spa treatment relaxes and rejuvenates, but what many of us may not know is that a good massage also enhances blood circulation, helps release toxins and flushes them out from our systems. It boosts immunity and can also help reduce blood pressure. It’s also proven to be effective in relieving the body of aches and pains.

  1. Gain a holistic experience

Visiting a spa is a complete treatment for the mind, body and soul. Unlike a salon where the focus is on the outer skin, a spa is a balanced experience. While the massage aims to relax your muscles, the oils, scrubs and wraps lend a healthy glow to the skin.

  1. It costs you less than your all-time favourite retail therapy

Surprised? Well you better be, when I tell you that a spa treatment starts from as low as Rs. 999! That’s less than a single purchase at the mall, isn’t it? Can you think of a more appropriate indulgence?

  1. You have been longing to spend time with your partner

Engaging in any experience with your life partner, whether it’s a passion you share, or an activity that you are both interested in, leads to closeness and a strong connection. Try visiting the spa with your significant other today and marvel at the instant connect that you feel towards each other.

  1. Take care of your body, it’s the only place you will live.

How right was Jim Rohn in saying these words! It’s an irrefutable fact that a healthy mind and a healthy body mean a happier you!

Choosing the right treatment

Now that you’ve put all your doubts to rest and are headed to the spa, you won’t mind a few tips to help you take your pick from the wide range on offer, based on your individual needs.

An Ayurvedic Massage would be a good choice if your body needs to relax, unwind and de-stress. Choose an Aromatic Abhyangam, which uses Bala Lakshadi oil, infused with nine herbs, to nourish the skin and hair. Suffering from high BP or insomnia? A Shirodhara, with a continuous pouring of oil on the centre of the forehead again reduces stress and sharpens concentration and focus. The traditional treatment also stimulates the secretion of ‘melatonin’, the regulator of wake-sleep cycle in the body, thus regulating the sleep cycle. If you have time on your hands, make the most of your visit and go for a combination of the two.


Visiting with the sole purpose of an ultimate ritual for your body and skin? Try the Javanese Lulur. This traditional health and beauty ritual originated in Indonesia centuries ago, where it was used by the women of royal families. The treatment begins with a massage, followed by a Lulur scrub and pack and ends with a warm bath. The Egyptian Massage, that has its roots in ancient Egypt and is as old as 300 years, is a detoxifying treatment that aims to create a connection between the mind and body. It uses pressure point massage techniques using carefully blended essential oils in a nourishing vegetable base. Pick the Swedish Massage to reduce muscular aches.


Ever lent a thought to your hands and feet? They work hard and need time off as much as the rest of your body does. Pamper your feet with Fish Spa Therapy. Allow dozens of fish to gently nibble away the dead skin, leaving your feet smooth and glowing. Indulge in Hand and Foot Reflexology that works on pressure points to release trapped energy and relieve muscle tension.


This isn’t it. There’s the Lumbar Massage, the Anxiety Relieving Massage, the Melanin Reducing Massage, the Cervical Massage, the Frequent Flyers’ programme, the Deep Sleep Therapy and more. And of course, if you are visiting with your partner, try the Coco Seduction and experience ultimate luxury with the aroma of chocolate and Red Wine!


As Jim Goodwyn rightly put it, “The time to relax is when you don’t have the time for it.” So keep calm and spa on!